RCM Holland is a young and dynamic independent consulting company in steel construction materials and importer of basalt reinforcement materials. 

RCM Holland was founded in the Netherlands in 2010 as JR Trading by Kees Ridderhof and therefore has a new name as of 1 July 2018. RCM Holland is registered with the Chamber of Commerce under registration number 61560367. www.kvk.nl

Kees Ridderhof was born on January 18, 1968 in Rotterdam.

After his secondary school he started his career in logistics.
In 2001, Kees Ridderhof graduated as logistics manager and subsequently worked as a Chef Expedition for several companies.
In 2010 he started his own company as a consultant in steel construction materials and the company was expanded with the import and sale of basalt reinforcement materials.

As an independent consultant, RCM Holland works closely with (EU) manufacturers of pipes, tubular piles, cold-rolled and hot-rolled sheet piles from Dutch stock and AF Factory (CIF, Franco) including 3.1 / 3.2 certificates according to EU standards.

RCM Holland can also play a significant role for customs clearance and the logistics and coating of sheet piles and tubular piles.

In addition to tubular piles and sheet piling, RCM Holland also supplies structural steels such as HEA / B / M profiles, IPN / UPN profiles, UPN / UPE profiles and bar steel etc., steel steps and platforms, as well as maritime products such as bollards and rubber fenders. We also supply complete cladding and purlin systems for the utility construction.

As the second pillar of the company RCM Holland is a trading company in basalt reinforcement materials and works directly with the European producer.