Basalt chopped fiber AC (Anti-crack) is designed for mixing with concrete, mortar and other cement based mixes for creating 3d-reinforcement, as the best alternative to substitute other type of fibers. Roving created from ecologically clean and natural rock is used to produce TurboBuild, therefore it is safe to process the concretes reinforced on its basis and separation is not needed.

Does not oxidize in difference with steel fiber and 5 times less amount in m3 concrete;

In difference with the synthetic fibers, basalt fiber is distributed equally throughout the mortar and twice less amount is enough in m3 concrete.

TurboBuild is less elastic in comparison with AR-glass and therefore has better reinforcement parameters in comparison.

Basalt chopped fiber AC-12-150/I is processed with the specially developed oiling system, which ensures keeping of its full mechanical strength parameters in alkaline environment in case of aging for 50 years.

Recommendations for usage:

It can be added to the mixture (mortar) at working site as well as in the ready mixers without using any special equipment;

Quantity should be defined from the used cement quantity 1%. E.g. it doubles concrete surface wear-out resistance;

When paving concrete floors and industrial inside roads onto those grounds on which pressure is not more than 0,18 N/mm², a full replacement of thin steel fittings' frame (traditional method) is possible with only 2,5-3.0 kg/m³ of TurboBuild AC-12-150/I . TurboBuild AC-12-150/I increases parameters of the concrete strength