Basalt chopped fiber AC (Anti-crack) is designed for mixing with concrete, mortar and other cement based mixes. The basalt chopped fiber AC - is used in ready mix concrete to prevent cracking, floor screeds, or other special mortar mixes that also fastens drying.

Basalt chopped fiber AC has a special sizing system which enables a full distribution of single filaments in concrete mixes.

They incorporate easily into mixes while giving a very large number of distributed reinforcing fibers from a small weight.

Chopped basalt fiber AC does not protrude from the surface and doesn't require any further finishing.

Recommendations for usage:

  • It can be added to the mixture (mortar) at working site as well as in the ready mixers without using any special equipment;
  • In non- constructional concretes (self leveling concretes, floors) - 0,5 kg/m³ of Turbobuild AC-24-300/D is enough for crack resistance effect;
  • In building materials, layering and industrial floor concretes addition of 0,5-2,5 kg/m3 TurboBuild AC-24-300/D fastens the drying process till 60% during first 72 hours.
  • For making primary non constructional concrete layer in tunnel arches while using shotcrete technology- adding 3,5-4,0 kg/m³ of Turbobuild AC-24-300/D is enough.
  • During the process product is able to substitute 20 kg/m3 steel fiber